PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police are still looking for the man who shot 21-year-old Steven Lee Early Saturday along Chartiers Avenue in Sheraden

Police say the gunman identified as 23-year-old Michael Lyons went on a shooting rampage firing up to 59 rounds.

“It doesn’t make sense, 59 shots is too many but out of those 59 shots three hit my son,” Early’s father Steven Lee Sr. said.

Steven Lee Sr. wants to know who shot his son and why.

Police say Steven Lee Jr. was riding on a party bus with a group of people heading to a local bar when a fight broke out. It’s believed someone on the bus called Lyons and two others.

Witnesses told police they blocked the bus with their car and went after Lee, pulling him off and shooting him. The victim’s father has these words for the gunman:

“You took away my son — a good kid, which I will never see again for nothing,” he said. “Please if you would turn yourself in please would you do that for me.”

During the shooting, at least four rounds slammed into a van owned by Trinity AME Zion Church. Pastor-Reverend Joseph Lewis will preside over the funeral.

“If we can find a way to leave the walls of the church, the comfort of the pews and minister to these young men, I believe, I think we can alleviate some of it,” Rev. Lewis said. “Can’t solve it all, but we can do our part.”

Meanwhile, Steven Lee Sr. just hopes police find the man who killed his son.

“Got to get this guy off the street before he does it to somebody else,” he said. “So they won’t have to go through what I’m going through, this person scarred me for life.”

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