PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Stanton Heights. April 4, 2009. Three Pittsburgh police officers were gunned down, in a final act of heroism. But their names live on.

Family members were in attendance Wednesday afternoon, as the criminal justice program of Kaplan Institute honored those they have lost.

Three new classrooms bear their names.

Among the guests, the wife and daughters of Officer Mayhle, who is memorialized by the Stephen Mayhle Forensics Lab.

“It was a horrible tragedy,” wife Shandra Mayhle says. “But it’s nice that we can come to these things and have a little bit of good come out of it.”

Officer Sciullo’s name will grace the Paul J. Sciullo II Memorial Courtroom.

“It’s quite an honor that they’ve given us,” says his mother, Sue Sciullo. “And it shows that they will never forget.”

Her husband, Paul Sciullo, has praise for the criminal justice program.

“A lot of young people get a good education here,” he said. “And God bless the people who did this.”

The ballistics lab now bears the name of Officer Eric Kelly. He had completed his shift when the call came in. But his mother says a true police officer is never really off duty.

“It’s hard because all three of them were together,” Frances Kelly says, “And they were so close, all day long. And they died together.”

Now, they have been honored together. Brothers in blue, forever linked.

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