PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police are looking for a dog and its owner after an attack in Mount Lebanon. Police say they’re concerned the dog could bite someone else.

The pit bull attack happened without warning over the weekend. The victim, Paul Kruper, had to be treated at the hospital for facial injuries.

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“I’m just standing here not doing anything,” said Kruper. “The dog jumped up, clawed my face with its teeth. There was blood running down my face onto the ground. It hurt like hell.”

It was Saturday morning in front of a coffee shop on Beverly Road. A man sitting at one of the tables with his pit bull on a harness took off when the dog bit Kruper.

“You shouldn’t bring your dog out like that if you know it’s dangerous,” said Kruper.

For Mount Lebanon Police its simple, they want the dog owner to come forward in order to identify the dog so that the victim doesn’t have to have unnecessary rabies shots.

They also believe the owner of this dog violated several different leash laws.

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“There are certain violations of the dog law, as well as the control of the dog,” said Lt. Aaron Lauth, of the Mount Lebanon Police Department. “So, we are potentially investigating that this dog was not completely under control because it was able to bite the victim.”

Mount Lebanon Police have all officers looking for the pit bull and its owner.

“We’ve had our officers keep an eye out in the neighborhood with our patrol officers. We’ve done some canvassing,” said Lt. Lauth. “We have some limited information on the dog that we’re following up as well.”

For Kruper, it’s simple as well. Find the dog and avoid possible painful and expensive rabies shots.

“If it does, and you get rabies, statistically speaking, you’re not going to make it,” said Kruper.

Meanwhile, Kruper still faces the prospect of plastic surgery to repair his damaged nose.

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Police Looking For Dog, Owner After Attack In Mt. Lebanon (4/3/13)
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