PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Sky watchers might have the chance to view quite a show tonight, courtesy of a solar flare that happened days ago.

Hunter Outten, an astronomer for AccuWeather.com, says the effects of a solar flare that happened around 2 a.m. Thursday could result in a “northern lights display” tonight.

According to AccuWeather.com, the chances of seeing the light display are much greater in New York, Washington, Michigan, North and South Dakota – but Pennsylvania might get a peek at the show too.

The website says 8 p.m. is the expected time to see the possible aurora borealis, but that the East Coast could miss the display if it occurs too long after the sky goes dark and the time estimation could vary by as much as seven hours.

An AccuWeather.com map places most of Pennsylvania – and what looks like the majority of the Pittsburgh area — in the “good” viewing area for the aurora.

The website describes auroras as the effect of radiation from the sun interacting with Earth’s atmosphere.

“The result is a spectacular display of light and color for areas with clear enough views,” it writes.

KDKA Meteorologist Kristin Emery says we should have good viewing conditions tonight.

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