PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Chris Moore was joined by Linda Three Crows Meadowcroft, Edie Ehlert, Wanda Guthrie, and Melinda Troutman to talk about the negative effects of fracking on Sunday.

Meadowcroft focused on the destruction on Indian Mounds and the Lower Wisconsin Riverway. She’s upset that business and industry can erase an important part of our history.

Ehlert, Guthrie, and Troutman talked to Moore about the negative environmental effects the fracking process produces.

They focused on the negative effects of fracking on the ground water, specifically the way ground water is naturally filtered by the Earth. Fracking puts new water in the ground and disrupts the Earth’s natural process. It disrupts this process by cutting through our natural filter and placing in new water.

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