PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Police say a man broke a window, and then tried to make off with some loot, but he didn’t know a neighbor was watching the whole thing.

It happened in the 6800 block of Penn Avenue.

Neighbor Bill Wright said, “It was very good that the neighbor over here was looking out for all of us.”

Police say another neighbor witnessed the break-in and called 9-1-1 before going to work.

Officers arrived in time to see the burglar leaving the apartment with a pillow case loaded with a computer, camera, some coins, and several bottle of liquor.

They say the alleged thief left a TV by the door, apparently planning to make a return trip.

Police say they had to subdue the suspect with a taser before arresting him.

He refused to give his name to officers, so they are calling him “John Doe.”

He’s in the Allegheny County Jail on burglary and other charges.

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