PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pittsburgh police and the Allegheny County bomb squad were called to the Cardello Building on the North Shore area of Pittsburgh after a suspicious package was discovered.

Police say a wife of one of the workers at the building ordered a pressure cooker, and had it shipped to her husband’s office at the building.

The address was wrong, and the package also reportedly had a Boston mailing label on the package.

Due to the Boston Marathon bombings, that set off a red flag and police were called.

Police and the bomb squad were called to the scene, and investigated.

They determined there was nothing harmful about the pressure cooker and gave the all clear.

Police say since the marathon bombings they are on high alert, and urge the public to remain vigilant about reporting anything suspicious.

This is the second bomb square in the city so far Wednesday. Earlier, the bomb squad detonated a suspicious box in the Negley Hill area.

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