PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There will be more attention on security at Pittsburgh’s upcoming marathon after the tragedy in Boston.

But, who will pay for all that extra security?

It’s something local leaders have been thinking about a lot recently.

One of the big concerns about extra security is that the marathon itself traditionally pays for the race costs and the security costs.

However, marathon officials said if the organization is forced to handle the cost of additional security, costs that have yet to be determined, it could spell the end of the marathon.

County agencies have always helped out, but this year, local governments may have to depend more heavily on federal resources this time.

Councilman Bill Peduto said it is likely local governments may have to bite the bullet and get pay for the resources early on, then get reimbursement through federal resources.

Homeland Security funding could be an option.

“There are certain things that we did during G-20 that we’re going to have to do again. We’re going to have to take the garbage cans out of neighborhood business districts. We’re going to have to store them and we’re going to have to bring them back,” Peduto said. “We’re going to have to have additional police presence. That’s going to mean that we’re going to have to have overtime policing the streets not only during the race itself, but in preparation of it. And I’m sure the administration realizes that, but we can’t just put all the burden on the marathon itself. Otherwise, we basically end the marathon.”

City officials plan to announce their security plans for the marathon on Thursday.


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