By Jessica BerardinoBy Mike Pintek

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – As investigators begin to explore the deeper secrets behind the Boston terrorists, even darker questions arise: Are they alone? Is this going to happen again?

Experts believe that while there are homegrown terrorist cells, these two men were probably not part of one. But some believe that there are more of whatever group these men were in.

Dr. Lillian Glass is the author of “A Guide to Identifying Terrorists Through Body Language” and one of the experts who believes that no, these men did not act alone. Dr. Glass admits openly that she only needed to see the surveillance camera footage of the suspects briefly before noticing suspicious behavior.

“It was suspicious how they were walking in a single file line, that’s common for terrorists or evil-doers,” said Dr. Glass. “The younger brother seemed more arrogant about what he was doing since he made no effort to hide his identity, while the older bother wore sunglasses and a hat.”

She continues to describe how odd the behavior was for the younger brother to continuously look from left to right, as though looking for someone to watch them.

“He was so arrogant after the bombing he was tweeting very sadistic and vulgar things,” said Dr. Glass. “He is a very hateful and dangerous person, but not a home-grown terrorist; this was planned out.”

Dr. Glass describes the four things to look for is someone or something seems unusual. She stresses that if something seems out of the ordinary to call authorities and report it, don’t take action yourself. The four emotions of someone who is emotionally unstable and possibly intending to do harm are; agitation, fear, numbness and anger.

“Look for someone who is short-tempered, or seems upset that they have to be doing something,” said Dr. Glass. “Or even if someone looks like they’re on drugs, whatever seems unusual, you should report it.”

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