PITTSBURGH (KDKA) –McCandless Crossing is becoming one of the fasted growing areas in our region.

Soggy ground kept the land movers still today, but it’s only a momentary pause for a project that is now in high gear.

“The area right over here is where the Homegoods store is going to be and Providence Boulevard will cup up from Babcock right here and the Cinemark movie theater will be right over there,” said project manager Bob McGurk.

Cinemark is chomping at the bit to get construction underway on a 12-screen venue.

“We would hope they will be open this time next year spring of ’14, April,” said Kevin Dougherty with Adventure Development.

The trees along McKnight Road are giving way for growing number of restaurants that want to locate here.

“Today we have commitments from Longhorn Steakhouse, Bone Fish Grill, Carabas Italian Grill, Panera Bread, Chiptole and First Watch,” Dougherty said.

Those restaurants will be built with their backs to McKnight Road and facing into the green space in the center.

“And there will also be two courtyard areas with benches and a green area,” McGurk said.

The plan is to have those buildings under roof by winter.

“It will hopefully be the end of March and the end of May that we have the majority opened,” Dougherty said.

The area for 52 town homes along Cumberland Road has been cleared and the waiting list exceeds the available units, a new intersection on Babcock in the works and there’s still more space.

On the west side of McKnight Road, Doodle Bugs Daycare just opened, the Hilton’s new hotel suites will open June 2 and talks are underway for three additional restaurants in the area along McKnight Road.

“Hopefully new restaurants that will be new to the Pittsburgh area,” Dougherty said.

The total building won’t be finished until sometime between 2015 and 2017.

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