GREENSBURG (KDKA) – The defense began making their case in the trial of a man accused of shooting and killing three family members.

Kevin Murphy is facing three counts of first-degree murder and could be sentenced to death if convicted.

He is accused of shooting his mother, Doris Murphy; his sister, Kris Murphy; and aunt, Edith Tietge.

Another paramedic testified about Murphy’s panic attack at the scene on Wednesday.

Also testifying today was an inmate who was the cellmate of the prosecution’s jailhouse snitch. He said John Meighan learned about the case by watching the news.

He said the two would share headphones so they could listen in.

A ballistics expert also testified that a burn on Kevin Murphy’s hand was likely caused by the gun, which defense attorneys maintain he used to shoot at birds.

Murphy claims to have an extreme phobia of birds.

Jurors took copious notes during the trial and Murphy’s family showed up to support him. He also spent hours on the stand Wednesday.

Murphy talked about feeding cattle at the time of the murders.

“Kevin, did you love your family?” his attorney asked.

“Yes,” Murphy said.

When asked separately by his attorney if he killed his mother, sister and aunt, Murphy replied, “no.”

On the stand, Murphy said almost everyone in his life disapproved of his relationship with a married woman, Susan McGuire — who moved in with him the day after the murders, but said that wasn’t the plan.

He says she came to check on him and never left. McGuire is now living in Murphy’s home and running Ferguson Glass.

Murphy also addressed a 911 tape played in court, in which he is heard wailing uncontrollably in the background. He said he became physically ill after seeing his mother, sister and aunt dead on the floor of the company.

“I couldn’t talk, I was just too shook up,” he said.

Murphy will be back on the stand Thursday morning for cross-examination.

It’s expected the jury will have the case by Friday.

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