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I always worry a bit when a red car shows up as a Drivetime Road Test vehicle. Over the years I have found out that the police do seem to favor red cars when looking for someone to pull over. My life philosopher Uncle Moosh swore that red makes a car go faster.

Strangely I was quite calm when Infiniti’s G37S rolled up to the office in all it’s red splendor the other day. Maybe it’s deceptively large for a sports car. Could be that I was seduced by the curvaceous body and formal style roofline of the mid-size V6. Probably it was the fact that my experience in past G’s that I have driven have all been great, high revvin’, shift slapping, see what it can do weeks and that is the fun part of doing what I do!

Around town the G37S is taut but still tuned to sop up a lot of he jarring post snow/pre patch road acne that is out there this time of year and the engine rumble makes a musical note even at low revs.


So far the G37S has a lot of Z in it. We will see how that holds up over a week of western Pennsylvania roads. I’m thinking it should do just fine.

Listen for my full review on a future edition of Drivetime.

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