PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA)- Author of “Down the Up Escalator: How the 99% Live in the Great Recession” Barbara Garson knows how most individuals are coping with huge economic challenges in this generation.

“Most people attach the reason of working to money in order to live, but also so they can feel as if they a part of something,” according to Garson. When work is taken away or reduced, most workers feel like a failure and hold anxiety about their future.

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In Garson’s book, she tells the tale of a woman who was the best salesperson at a high-end retail store, but when the recession began, her employer eliminated commission and employees were scheduled to only work four hour shifts instead of eight. Garson explained that this woman’s company was still hiring, but reducing pay and hours so they would not have to pay more.

In addition, Garson touched on the reason for why student loan debt is so high. She says that “banks had too much money accumulating in very few hands which led the banks to devise peculiar ways of loaning it to people.”

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She says often banks would lend to people who could not pay back their loans, such as those that are in stagnant or declining jobs.

Garson’s advised against accruing debt, saying, “people have to acquire larger incomes by transferring all the money back to ourselves” instead of to the banks.

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