PITTSBURGH (KDKA) –Two bodyguards for Mayor Luke Ravenstahl were called before a federal Grand Jury Wednesday morning, as well as the mayor’s personal secretary.

The attorney for Dominic Scuilli — one of two of mayor ravenstahl’s bodyguards — who testified before a new sitting grand jury, wouldn’t comment on the situation. It was the last panel indicted former Police Chief Nate Harper — but this new one has has shifted its focus.

No one was commenting and all of the witnesses managed to get in and out of the courthouse without being seen, but their appearance points here to the mayor office. Source say that the activities of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl have now become the focus of this investigation.

Sources say bodyguards Scuili and Gaunter were called to testify about the use of debit cards to secret slush fund here at the Police Credit Union.

You’ll recall that Harper is charged with using such a card to divert some $70,000 from the account — including $30,000 for his personal benefit.

Now, sources say the grand jury will determine whether the bodyguard debit cards were also misused and whether the mayor benefited. Also, called today was the mayor’s secretary Melissa Demme.

The mayor was in his office today but would not be interviewed on camera. Instead he issued this statement:

“Since the beginning of this process my administration has cooperated fully with authorities. I intend for that practice to continue with any future inquiries, and I look forward to the revelation of all the facts.”

But now the federal grand jury will determine just what those facts are and whether the mayor or anyone else misused public funds for their own personal benefit.


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