PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local teacher’s aide has been suspended for allegedly shoving an autistic student into a wall.

Michelle Hoyle and Edward Azeem went to the police station on the North Side Thursday hoping to file charges against the aide— a man they say assaulted their 12-year-old autistic son.

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“He wasn’t able to communicate with me,” Hoyle says. “I had to use his emotions and behavior to give me signals on how to respond to my child.”

Chance Azeem-Hoyle is nonverbal.

Friday night, his parents took him to the hospital after an episode of repeated seizures. They say he’s been bruised before.

Chance’s parents received a call from his principal about an incident with school-aide Bernard Eure that may have caused the increase in seizures.

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“He told me that this individual put my son’s arm up his back in a chicken wing position and put him to the ground,” Chance’s mother says. “I was made aware by my son’s father that his knee was placed in the middle of my son’s back. He was placed into his chair and restrained in the chair and he sat on his hands.”

Eure is a contract employee, employed by Maxim staffing not the Pittsburgh Board education.

“I don’t understand what happened in that course of events that caused this individual to cause harm to my child,” his mother adds. “It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“I want to see him suffer the way he had my son suffer,” Chance’s father says.

School police say that Pittsburgh police may handle the investigation.

The incident has been reported to Child Line.

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