FREDERICKTOWN (KDKA) – A man from Washington County was arrested after police said he fired dozens of shots outside his home with officers and neighbors nearby.

The man said he was firing off warning shots, but police said he fired as many as 30 rounds while officers were forced to take cover.

Shirley Jones spent a good part of the morning waiting for her common- law husband, Loran Yonkers, to get out of jail.

Jones said what happened was no big deal. Police reporting to a shots fired call said it Yonkers was shooting randomly when they arrived and then, kept firing.

“There was no police officers there at the time. There was nobody there at the time. He was shooting into the woods. I was standing there,” Jones said.

Police evacuated a home, ran for cover and formulated a plan. Jones and Yonkers went to bed.

According to jones, Yonkers’ shooting was a scare tactic after a recent robbery.

“They broke my door in, broke it in half. Stole probably $3,000 or $4,000 worth of stuff,” Jones said. “Next I know, the cops were there and telling to us get out of bed and come out with our hands up, slammed us on the ground, handcuffed us, took him away and here we are.”

Once in custody, Yonkers admitted that he had a lot to drink and took the incident a little too far.

“We are at home and we are not driving around. We are in our own private property,” Jones said. “We do it all the time for target practice and stuff. Everybody does in the neighborhood.”

According to police, once they got inside, they discovered several guns, a lot more ammo and alleged drugs and drug paraphernalia as well.

“That was mine. I told them so, too. And now they are charging him with it,” Jones said.

Along with some drug counts, Yonkers is facing firearm and public disturbances charges. He is free on $10,000 straight cash bond.

Jones just wants to put all this behind her.

“Tough week. Tough last couple of weeks,” Jones said.


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