PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — For some, it’s as recognizable as the city skyline.

“It’s the meeting place for the world, I think for Pittsburghers,” said Russell Schutte, Regional Director for Macy’s Mid West.

Another Pittsburgh icon — Mr. McFeely — reads a mayoral proclamation celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Kaufmann’s Clock.

“Clocks are so important in our neighborhood, Daniel Tiger lives in a clock,” Mr. McFeely said.

And ticking timepiece has been integral in the life history of thousands — including Ruth Ann Rhue,who told her mother she was joining the navy in 1979.

“So for their 50th anniversary, my mom and dad, I got them one of Linda Barnicott’s paintings that said meet me under the Kaufman’s clock and it was in their living room for years,” Rhue said.

Years later, Rhue’s daughter kept the tradition alive by telling her she was pregnant in the exact same place.

Michael Stypula’s story goes back more than 60 years when he started dating his wife.

“I used to have to get off from Sharpsburg downtown, come here, catch a street car to South Hills, pick her up, bring her into town and then start from scratch,” Stypula said. “So she says stay under Kaufmann’s clock I’ll meet you down there so we started doing that.”

“I remember my grandparents telling me stories about them meeting under the Kaufman’s clock,” Lauren Jobes of Canonsburg said. “I remember my parents telling me stories about them meeting under my Kaufmann’s clock and I’ve probably met my husband under the Kaufmann’s clock once or twice myself.”

And while time keeps on ticking on this Pittsburgh tradition, Macy’s promises to keep it alive.

“We have spare parts for it that we have collected throughout the years and we keep those going and we’ve found different ways to keep it clean so it will be there for a long time,” Schutte said.

Now the Kaufmann’s Clock will head into a second century downtown.

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