PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — An Arlington Avenue family is devastated after fire swept through their home in Pittsburgh’s Arlington neighborhood Thursday evening.

Not only did they lose the home they’ve lived in the past 12 years, but their cat is also missing.

They say they were just hanging out inside when all of the sudden they saw their stairwell in flames.

Zach Parson grew up at the home. Thursday he’d gone over around 4:30 p.m. to see his dad.

“I was here just visiting, 20 minutes in and the house catches on fire,” Parson said. “It’s my dad. I feel so bad. I never even cry, but he loves his stuff, and it’s so hard for him to see this happen.”

One of the home’s owners was sleeping upstairs when he noticed smoke and flames.

The three men escaped the blaze with their dog, but didn’t have time to grab anything else.

The family watched all of their belongings burn.

All of those things presented an extra challenge for firefighters due to the volume of items and the fact that the blaze likely started in the upper half of the home.

Pittsburgh firefighters say investigators were going into the home to determine a cause.

The family isn’t allowed back in the house.

They do have insurance.

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