PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Jeff Foxworthy hosts a new CBS reality show.

It features the work of amateur bakers, including Ellwood City native, Carlo Fuda.

Now living in Edinboro, the Italian baker brought samples of his work to Pittsburgh Today Live, and recalled the early days.

“Everyone had a job to do between my mother, my sister and I,” he said. “Someone was chopping, someone was cutting. So, we started cooking very young, just from a young age we started cooking, eating. When you’re hungry you want to eat something. And with my mom, just watching her bake bread. And then every trip to Italy, being with my mom’s sister, and my aunts, watching them bake. You know the wood-fired ovens.”

He says the show has three different bakes.

“There’s the signature bake, which is something that you bring, your own personal recipe,” he said.

“The technical, which is totally a surprise. You have no idea what it’s going to be. It could be very complex and they just throw that at you,” he added. “And then there’s the showstopper, which is where you wow the judges.”

Will Carlo’s old world recipes, like this Italian loaf, help him win the first prize of $250,000? That’s a lot of bread.

Watch Carlo on Pittsburgh Today Live:

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