PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — “Bizarre Foods” on the Travel Channel has taken its host around the world in pursuit of odd cuisine.

This week, the crew is taping in Pittsburgh.

On Thursday afternoon, they were at Silver Star Meats in McKees Rocks.

Surrounded by cameramen, clad in white, Silver Star President Bob Germony shares the stage. But what’s so bizarre about Pittsburgh food?

“It’s braunschweiger and kishka, blood pudding that we make,” Germony says. “And we sell quite a bit of it. It’s handled in local grocery stores. To me, it’s not bizarre, but I suppose if they’re watching in Alaska it may be.”

Andrew Zimmern says the current season of “Bizarre Foods America” hits close to home.

“The Pittsburgh food scene is dynamic,” Zimmern says. “It’s rooted historically in many traditions that proceeded uninterrupted over the years. Not many cities can say that.”

He took the plunge Wednesday night, reeling in a catfish from the Allegheny River.

“Catching a big fish is a thrill,” he says. “Catching it and eating it is even more fun. Doing so about 75 yards from where I parked the car in the heart of downtown was even more fun.”

So Pittsburgh caught him hook, line and sinker. But is there anything Zimmern won’t eat?

“I don’t like walnuts,” he confesses, “and I don’t eat endangered species. Other than that, I’ll eat anything.”


“I just don’t like them,” he says. “I’m allowed not to like something, aren’t I?”

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