ELIZABETH (KDKA) — Neighbors on Smithfield Street in Elizabeth Township say they are fed up with one of their neighbor’s trash.

Garbage has been piling up in Paula Pociask’s yard for three weeks.

Neighbors say conditions are deplorable, including piles of garbage bags, loose trash, as well as a discarded couch and knee-high weeds. But Pociask, who has two children, says she cannot afford trash pickup fees.

“Do you know that I’m losing this house, that it’s going up for foreclosure and we won’t have a house, so I don’t care,” Pociask said through her closed door.

Now the Allegheny County Health Department is involved.

“You just can’t leave garbage out like that. It can attract rodents,” said Guillermo Cole, of the Allegheny County Health Department. “It’s certainly not an imminent health hazard, but it does raise some potential health concerns.”

The health department is sending Pociask a pre-inspection letter for potential code violations.

She will have three weeks to clean up or face citations and fines.

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