By Jessica BerardinoBy Mike Pintek

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – The Pennsylvania Senate will vote this week on a transportation bill.

Senate Bill 1 will provide for repairs and resurfacing on the roads and highways and also for expansion projects.

The state will need to find more funding for transportation this year, otherwise an estimated 1,500 bridges will need to post a weight limit. Weight limits are only one of the consequences of inadequate funding.

Senate Bill 1, if passed, will increase the tax on gasoline wholesalers, which could raise the prices at the pumps. If fully implemented a typical driver could spend $3 a week. Secretary of Transportation, Barry Schoch noted in a speech today in Monroeville that transportation taxes and fees haven’t been raised since 1997.

Mike Pintek was highly concerned with the surcharge of adding $100 on top of any driving ticket. He is frustrated that all of the “safety” additions to the road, don’t protect the driver but really just bring money to pay checks.

John Bowman, the Communications Director of the National Motorists Association, agreed that the transportation industry needs to, “wake up and realize what’s going on.”

“Automated ticket cameras have nothing to do with public safety but everything to do with making money,” said Bowman. “They see this as a cash cow, everyone gets a cut of the violation fine.”

Bowman adds that if yellow lights lasted only a few tenth’s of a second longer could dramatically reduce accidents and violations.

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