PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Chris Moore was joined by Co-Director of Social Security Works Nancy Altman, to discuss the Social Security Trustees Report.

Social Security Works just released an analysis on the Social Security Trustees report titled “Strengthen Social Security, Don’t Cut it: Key Points about the 2013 Social Security Trustees Report.”  Altman believes the Social Security system is valuable and Congress should support it.

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Altman explained how important it is for the American people to come together and really support the program to ensure its longevity.

“If the American people make their voices heard and have their representatives truly represent them, it will be there for my grandchildren and their grandchildren,” said Altman.

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Altman discussed America’s Social Security system as a large and growing surplus, and believes the future of Social Security will turn out good with continued support from the American people and Congress.

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