“Yo Vinnie! Waddya Drivin’ This Week?” is a first look/first impression of the review vehicle I am driving this week for a future “Drivetime Road Test” auto review.


You have to admit. If there is a car company today that is wringing more out of a nameplate, and even better, managing to keep it relevant and cool, it is Chrysler and the 300C. Designer John Varvatos drives Iggy Pop around in one, Motown is getting a version to call it’s own, The SRT-8 version will make you feel like you are ready for the track and if you turn on a football game in one you can’t help but hearing, “It’s Halftime for America” ringing in your ears!

I still remember the first one I drove to Seahawks training camp in Cheney, Washington back in2005. Made a guy like me feel special when a bunch of the players gathered around it and one actually went out and bought one because he told me it was fresh and looked like a Bentley but had a sticker price that a rookie could afford!

With some minor tweaks here and there the 300 still has the clean classic American full size car lines that it did that day in ’05. It is a timeless design that still stands up today.

Two toned seats, interior materials that look classy, a big screen in the middle of the dash and a Beats by Dr. Dre sound system prevent the 300C from feeling stodgy and old inside. Chrysler also opts out the 300C to include a ton of options that cover almost everything you might want in a full size luxury sedan.

The All Wheel Drive 300C I am driving this week has a ton of power and gets up to freeway speed as quick as anything in its class. The AWD has an axle-disconnect system that helps fuel economy and handling when there’s no need for all wheels to be powered up. 19 inch wheels help the looks along and also give the 300C an air of slight bling while still staying classy. While it is a big car drive I find myself loving to push it through the curves and feel it hug the road.

Rare is the car I drive who’s design looks a lot like it did  years ago when it rolled off of the assembly line for the first time and is still interesting, timely and relevant, but Chrysler has managed to “keep it fresh”. Word up to Walter P.

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