PINE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A major traffic route across northern Allegheny County is about to be closed. It’s a critical roadway for commuters and the detour is long and winding.

Surrounded by trees, creeks and a pond or two, the intersection on the northern doorstep of North Park is anything but tranquil.

It all starts with the closing of Pearce Mill Road south of a busy intersection next Wednesday for reconstruction.

Then later, the crumbling visage of a bridge and another like it a quarter mile further west on 910 are going to be rebuilt, which will force 910 to close.

The New Community Church and its parsonage, which was just put on the market today, are right in between the two bridges.

“We did a hand-raising at church and about half of our people come from the east, so it will definitely be inconvenient,” said Mark Bolton, the pastor.

When 910 closes southbound, Pearce Mill Road drivers will only be able to turn left while westbound 910 traffic will have to turn north on Pearce Mill and follow the detour. And it’s a time-consuming, lengthy detour.

Put 7,200 detoured vehicles a day on that route and it’s going to get cozy. Also included in the job, an improvement in the Pearce Mill-910 intersection.

“You’ll have a left turn lane, a right turn lane and a straight forward lane so there won’t be the hang up waiting for traffic,” said Michael Dennehy, the chairman of the Pine Board of Supervisors.

If everything goes as planned, the contractor will shut down the bridge for reconstruction and close 910 around the middle of July.

They will then have 80 days to get the work done and the road reopened. So, if it all works out by early November, the job should be wrapped and traffic flowing again.

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