PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Breona Moore, the woman charged with kidnapping a 3-day-old baby from Magee-Womens Hospital last year, and claiming the child as her own, was finally in court today for her preliminary hearing.

The hearing was delayed because of extensive mental evaluations at Torrance State Hospital.

But now that she has been under medication and treatment, her attorney says she decided to waive her case to court to avoid putting everyone through reliving the events of last August.

“We waived today because we thought it was in the best interest of everyone. Breona is finally on medication. And she’s in a much better place mentally than when these allegations occurred,” Blaine Jones, the defense attorney, said. β€œAnd she didn’t want anyone to have to relive the pain… the other family to have to relive the pain of what happened. And that’s why we did what we did.”

Jones says the extensive mental health treatment is evidence that Moore has a number of mental illnesses which he would not name.

“This happened in August. That’s a heck of a long time. And I think that shows the viewers the severity of her mental health issues,” said Jones.

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