MARS (KDKA) – There’s a bear cub on the loose in Butler County.

At least two people have seen it first hand and because they live so close to each other, neighbors believe it’s likely the same bear looking for food.

Ken Summit said when he saw the pictures Lisa Killough snapped Saturday night when she was a mere 10 feet away from a black bear cub, he remembered the conversation he’d had with his Scenic Ridge Court neighbor Donna Farling earlier that day.

She’d told Summit about her morning encounter when her dog started barking at an animal coming out of the woods.

“I just looked and that face was very distinctive when I saw it. It was not a dog. It was definitely a bear. I thought the bear was [going to] come towards us. He was walking from that side of the street he came out of the woods and he stopped and looked,” Farling said.

Farling said the black bear that she saw looks identical to the pictures Killough took. She and Summit said that after the bear took off through the woods, they think it might have made its way to Cranberry Township.

Summit and Farling are hopeful the Pennsylvania Gaming Commission will set up a bear trap in the area to catch it.


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