PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A $2.5 billion transportation bill, which was passed by the Senate, is now in the hands of the House.

Everyone would be impacted in one way or another.

PGT Trucking, based in Monaca, is one of the largest transportation companies in the country and operates over 1,000 trucks.

Drivers deliver materials to hardware stores and big chains like Home Depot and Lowe’s.

The company’s biggest customer is U.S. Steel.

Obviously, leaders at PGT are keeping a close eye on the transportation bill being debated in Harrisburg.

PGT President Gregg Troian was one of the panelists at today’s annual business roundtable hosted by the Rotary Club of Pittsburgh.

If a compromise isn’t reached in Harrisburg all of the bridges in the region and state would be weight restricted.

For PGT, that would mean costly detours, spending more in gas, delivery delays and that’s only the beginning. There would be a trickledown effect.

“Certainly, it’s an impact on us, but it’s an impact on the people that are receiving the goods that we’re delivering. The schedules that are set up for the trucks to deliver are many times missed. Delays cost our customers money and when goods aren’t on shelves they can’t be sold,” Troian said.

Troian, like other panelists here at the meeting, are hopeful lawmakers will be able to come up with a deal.

“Pittsburgh is on the move, there is momentum right now. One of the things that could slow us down is if our infrastructure is allowed to continue to crumble and we have, the governor’s made a proposal, the senate has passed the bill, somewhere in there, there is a compromise that can be reached,” Allegheny Conference CEO Dennis Yablonsky said.


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