PETERS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Road closed? So what?

It doesn’t seem to be deterring some people in Washington County who are taking it upon themselves drive right through the closure.

It’s happening on Valley Brook Road in Peters Township. The roadway is in the process of getting a much-needed repaving. For some folks who live there, it’s about time.

“This is way overdue and I’m glad it’s being done,” said John Copp, of Peters Township.

But many appear confused by the detour signs and are not happy to see that the road is closed.

“They complain when they have bad roads, and they complain when there’s signs up,” said Copp.

Some people are so upset by the detour that they are actually moving the barricades and driving right on through the road construction area.

Police have cited at least three people for driving around the barriers.

“They shouldn’t do that,” said Copp. “They should have a nice big fine.”

No doubt, the detour is inconvenient, but they have to fix the road sometime.

Peters Township Police will continue to patrol the area.

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