PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s former bodyguard testified Tuesday afternoon before a federal grand jury that’s investigating alleged misconduct within the Pittsburgh Police Department.

After more than two hours talking in front of the grand jury, Fred Crawford stood silent. His attorney got right to it.

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“What you will find is that there have been a lot of taxpayers’ dollars wasted on overtime for bodyguards just so the mayor could have a designated driver and a chauffeur while he went to bars and caroused late into the early morning hours,” Bob Stewart, Crawford’s attorney, said.

Crawford, Ravenstahl’s bodyguard for several years, told the grand jury that he was told to alter his timesheets so no one knew the mayor was out all night.

“Timesheets were manipulated,” said Stewart.

Ravenstahl has been very critical of Crawford.

“Fred Crawford and his statements are a complete lie, 100 percent lie,” Ravenstahl said several months ago at a news conference.

Crawford’s lawyer fired back today.

“This investigation by some has been characterized as either a scandal or a pack of lies,” Stewart said. “Well, my client testified truthfully, and I don’t think the U.S. Attorney’s Office furthers a pack of lies. So you can see it for what it may be.”

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The mayor also made this comment a few months ago: “I wouldn’t mind jamming him up.”

Crawford’s lawyer jumped on that statement today.

“If he says that now, he will be committing a separate crime of trying to intimidate a witness, and I think it’s just a bully that’s being backed into a corner,” said Stewart.

Crawford stood silent, saying a few words before he left in a police car.

Crawford: “No comment, sir.”

Reporter: “Do you feel relieved.”

Crawford: “No sir.”

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Mayor’s Former Bodyguard Prepares To Testify Before Grand Jury (6/17/13)
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