PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Mike Henry of Dollar Bank joined KDKA radio host Robert Mangino to discuss credit scores.

When it comes to residential lending, one of the first factors in qualifying an applicant is their credit score. Paying bills within a 30-day cycle will help to improve a credit score. If an applicant has gone through bankruptcy they are more than likely in good standing with their credit score.

Although credit scores can drastically change, repairing them is not a difficult task because scores are constantly moving and being adjusted. Credit inquires from mortgage companies do not affect an applicants credit score.

“Credit inquires do not have as big of an effect on your credit score as people think, it’s not something to really worry about”, said Henry.

Henry also talked about rebuilding credit and the chances of an applicant being declined for a loan.

Dollar Bank offers a number of programs for applicants with a low credit score.

“We can help people with credit counseling, which is free at Dollar Bank, to make sure they’re home buyer read,”, said Henry.

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