BEAVER (KDKA) — Beaver County Sheriff George David made the relatively short walk from his office to the courtroom Wednesday where he was arraigned on charges of allegedly making violent threats to a reporter and to a campaign worker.

He cannot carry a weapon to the courthouse.

Prosecutors still had concerns though that he could use his office to influence his case, so they threatened revocation of bail while David awaits trial.

After an hour-long meeting between the lawyers for both sides and the judge, it was determined David can remain free pending trial but with certain conditions.

Among the conditions of his bail, which were clarified Wednesday:

  • He cannot conduct a news conference on county premises.
  • He must limit his presence in the courthouse and has agreed to only appear at the courthouse from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. daily.
  • The restriction on carrying a weapon into the courthouse remains, but he can hunt on his own property.

“Upon the complaint by Miss Brandstetter that she felt that he was being too actively involved in what she felt he should be doing for the necessary requirements of the office, my client has voluntarily limited his hours to about four… to four and a half hours a day, which was significantly decreased from what his normal workday would be,” said Lee Rothman, the defense attorney.

Prosecutors from the state attorney general’s office would not comment, but Rothman says the restrictions are a clarification of previous orders.

“The attorney general had a concern that his presence at the courthouse might have an adverse effect on the pending trial,” said Rothman. “He has not done anything to intimidate witnesses or anything improper. We will make sure that nothing is done to affect the integrity of the judicial process.”

David was arrested in March.

Since then he has given media interviews, but after Wednesday’s session, he is not permitted to give press statements on county property.

There may be some concern about his ability to affect a potential jury pool, but his lawyer says that won’t happen anymore.

“He gave an interview to the press. I did not represent him at that time,” said Rothman. “Quite frankly, I would not have had him do that, but that was done and there has not been any instance of that since that time, and there will not be any instance of that between now and the time for trial.”

The trial is scheduled for fall.

Beaver Co. Sheriff In Court After Threat Accusations (4/29/13)
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