CHARLEROI (KDKA) — There are new developments in Washington County involving a police officer whose girlfriend is accused of using drugs in his personal vehicle. The officer is now without a job.

Charleroi police say part-time police officer, Steve Kenyon, was not with his girlfriend when she was allegedly found with morphine and drug paraphernalia while using his personal vehicle.

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Nevertheless, the regional police department board voted to fire him.

“Doesn’t make a bit of difference,” said Mike Etter, a local resident. “He should know better; he shouldn’t even be going with a woman that he knows is on drugs. He’s got to use common sense, that’s why we hired him – to do the job.”

Kenyon’s girlfriend, Jennifer Crabb, and another woman, identified as Shelia Urwin, were arrested, and Kenyon was removed from the police department roster.

But some residents think firing Kenyon because of his girlfriend’s alleged behavior is a little harsh.

“No, you can’t condone it whatsoever, but it wasn’t him that did the crime,” said resident Dawn Rutherford. “If anything, punish her, don’t punish him.”

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No one was available in the police department for comment. Kenyon has been described as a good cop.

Still, others believe he is guilty by association, and having such a relationship violates community trust.

“I don’t want him being one of the officers I depend on in an emergency situation, cause you don’t know what he did before the emergency came up, right?” said Jack Kovach, a local resident.

“As far as who you’re dating and stuff like that, that has a kick back on you,” added Corey Lupori, another resident. “So, they do wrong, you’re an officer of the law, it’s going to come back on you.”

According to published reports, Crabb claims she was using Kenyon’s car to go back and forth to work, and that he was unaware of any of her alleged drug activities.

It appears Kenyon won’t face any charges, but Crabb and Urwin have a preliminary hearing on charges of possession of drug paraphernalia.

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Charleroi Police Probing Alleged Drug Activity Involving Officer’s Girlfriend (5/16/13)
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