CLAIRTON (KDKA) — The stop the violence efforts of local community leaders continued this weekend in Clairton where dozens came together for an anti-violence rally and march.

It started with a prayer, dozens of people met near Clairton stadium Saturday afternoon with one goal in mind, to stop the violence that rules the streets.

Some wore tee-shirts with pictures of love ones who were victims.

Mothers, daughters, fathers and sons braved the heat, marching less than a mile through Clairton to make their point.

Pastor Leroy Thompson, with Dream Christian Center, was one of the organizers.

“So we decided to put our heads together and just stand against this thing,” said Thompson. “Stand against this evil, stand up for our community, and make our community a better place and safer to live.”

“We got the right people in place; we got the churches behind us; we need to make it a better place to live,” Clairton Mayor Rich Lattanzi said during the rally. “This is Clairton, one of the greatest football teams in the valley. We need to move forward.”

There’s been one murder in 2013 in Clairton.

Sadly, Saturday also marks the one-year anniversary of the murder of Voltaire Meade, a Clairton resident who was killed in McKeesport. His family was encouraged by the turnout for the march.

“A change, a change,” said Anitra Meade, Voltaire’s sister. “People need to take a stand for their communities, take ahold of their kids; it’s ridiculous, it’s just ridiculous. It impacts everybody.”

The march ended with a rally and speeches from family members impacted by violence.

Sponsors think it’s a strong sign that people in Clairton are uniting in their efforts to take back the streets.

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