(PITTSBURGH-KDKA) – Rob Pratte hosted Black and Gold Sunday live from Kuhn’s Market in Hopewell, where he covered everything from golf to football.

Pratte discussed the long and strenuous PGA Tour season and the toll it takes on a golfer’s body.  Sometimes the advantage goes to the younger pros on the tour who have more flexible bodies, other times the advantage goes to the grizzled veteran who can move the ball like “a wizard.”

The NFL has changed a lot since its inception decades ago, many of the positions have evolved as well.  One position that is currently evolving is the defensive end.  Defensive line players have typically been some of the biggest on the field, although this is changing.

Athleticism has taken precedence over size in recent years, athletic defensive end players have been selected early in each of the last few drafts.  Rob talked with Denver Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe who played college football in Cincinnati,  Derek explained that size isn’t everything, “technique” is the most important aspect.  Players can only get so far on talent alone, technique and drive fuel the best players.

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