PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA)-This Fourth of July may be the best time of the year to take a family trip and travel to Beaver County.

AAA’s Bevi Powell told KDKA’s Rob Pratte that current gas prices are relatively stable and that everyone should take advantage of the lower prices.

“This week, gas prices are about $3.56 which is the same price as a month ago, so we haven’t seen much fluctuation,” said Powell.

Even though about three million people are expected to travel by air this Fourth of July, Powell said that most people prefer to drive.

“Gas prices are not going to affect if people take a vacation or not. It’s one small price compared to everything else; accommodations, food, etc,” said Powell.

Listen to Powell’s interview below


One such place to travel to this Fourth of July is Beaver County in Pennsylvania. They will be hosting Beaver County BOOM! which is an  annual fireworks festival for the community.

PUSH Beaver County Chairmen Mark and Nathan Kopsack started their volunteer organization to promote business growth and to increase community involvement.

On Saturday, June 29 at 9:45PM Zambelli Fireworks of New Castle, PA will be lighting off an extravagant display of fireworks set to movie themes.

The Kopsack brothers said the entire event would not be possible without Dr. Zambelli and his team. ” We couldn’t do it without them, all the technical issues. We are thankful he is able to help us out.”

Firework guru Dr. Zambelli is in the midst of his busiest time of year. He told KDKA, “It’s hectic, but we will get it all done. In order to be successful, you have to be innovative and up to date on cutting-edge technology so we are always planning and getting ready to go.”

If you plan on going to the festival, the Kopsack brothers said, “Get there early, bring some food and get ready for a great show.”