PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Carnegie police chief is stepping down after nearly 40 years of service.

Jeff Harbin, who has been with the Carnegie Police Department for 37 years, is retiring today.

Harbin has served as the chief for the past 21 years and he said a bittersweet goodbye Friday.

As he handed over his badge, he also got a new one.

In his 37-year career with the Carnegie Police Department, he has done and seen everything.

He’s seen the minor incidents like warning people of geese obstructing traffic to major events like in 2004, when Hurricane Ivan flooded the streets and stranded people on the Mansfield Bridge, including himself.

“In the midst of despair, I found so much hope from the people of Carnegie and encouragement,” Harbin said.

He reflected on his career, working through the ranks from a patrolman to chief.

“Leaving this family that I’ve had for 37 years is hard,” he said.

Harbin said it was time to retire, feeling satisfied with is dedication to Carnegie, but a surreal morning as he prepared to say goodbye.

“Went down and got a coffee and I started to look around the town and I said to myself this will be the last time,” Harbin said. “This will be the last time I walk through the doors of the Carnegie Police Department.

We’ve been in difficult dangerous situations, but there’s none better than the CPD.”

His successor is a current sergeant, Jeffrey Kennedy, who knows that his won’t be easy shoes to fill. But chief Harbin gives his approval.

“He’s a good man. I trained him, I should know,” Harbin said.

Chief Harbin left the police station today for the last time, heading straight to North Carolina, where he will spend his retirement with his wife and facing a new challenge — babysitting grandchildren.

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