NEW KENSINGTON (KDKA) — The Fourth of July, among other things, means good food and fireworks – but not this year in New Kensington.

“Very disappointing and I know a lot of kids are going to be disappointed too,” said Troy Lower of New Kensington. “They look forward to seeing the fireworks.”

“That’s very disappointing, actually I had no idea,” said Linda Kelly of New Kensington.

The fireworks display and the community day that normally goes with it had to be cancelled this year, because the fundraiser and organizers for the past few years had to step down early last year, and no one else stepped in, leaving the town without a Fourth of July celebration.

“There’s definitely going to be a void, I’m going to miss them a lot,” said Robin Laird, a former organizer.

New Kensington never built the cost of fireworks into its budget because quite simply there were more important line items to attend to.

“We do not just tax payer dollars or fireworks,” said Mayor Tom Guzzo. “We use tax dollars for municipal reasons. So next year we will have them again. We already have a committee in place.”

Normally on the day before the Fourth of July, there would be a barge in the river setting up for the fireworks. But that’s not the case this year. With the committee already in place, plans are already being made for Jul 4, 2014.


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