LEMONT FURNACE (KDKA) – Overnight rains have caused some significant flooding problems in parts of Fayette County.

In Lemont Furnace, a creek spilled over its banks, sending water rushing down Yauger Hollow Road.

James Fields and his wife could do nothing as water kept flowing through their yard, covering the grass with sand and sediment and the drains in the basement doing the opposite of what they should.

“At least two feet. And like I said, when the creek’s plugged up and the pipes plug up, there’s nothing you can do because the water’s higher than the pumps,” Fields said. “I tell you what, in my whole life, I’ve never seen water come that quick.”

Some in the area believe a tree and other debris clogged a culvert further down the creek, causing the flooding.

“It just kept getting higher and higher. I was standing in the front yard and I watched it go over the culvert and up to the guardrail,” Gary Smitley said.

You know you’re dealing with a strong current when it can move a car. A Crown Victoria was swept up and slammed into other vehicles.

The force was strong enough to even break down a wall.

“It took me 40 years to build the stone wall from here clear up to the bridge and it took God 15 minutes to tear it down,” Ray Hall said.

Patty and Gary Smitley also lost part of their wall next to the banks of the creek, but almost lost something more precious – their dog.

“He was very close to it. Had he gotten much closer, he would have been washed downstream. I have no idea. He wouldn’t have made it,” Patty Smitley said.

While heavy machinery was brought in to clear rocks and busted asphalt out of the road later in the morning, some people took it upon themselves to try and clear some debris in dangerous conditions.

“We did get the one overpass clear, except for what’s coming out of the woods,” Justin Reed said. “Just destroying everything.”

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