PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s 10 a.m. on the Fourth of July.

Traffic is already backed up, and tailgaters out in force — and the Steelers aren’t even playing.

“Happy birthday, America! Let’s go Bucs!” one person said.

Happy Pirates fans had a double celebration.

“We celebrate the Fourth of July down here every year, when the pirates are in town,” says Nikki Mendocino, a Pittsburgh native now living in Washington, D.C. “Love the fireworks, love the patriotism and everyone in their red white and blue.”

The Buhl family has been transplanted to Atlanta, but they keep the home fires burning.

“Me being from Pittsburgh, living in Atlanta, they ask me whether I’m a Braves fan or no,” says Nathan Buhl. “That’s just like almost a sin at my house. You don’t go there. It’s black and gold all the time.”

His wife, Kelly Buhl, concurs.

“Just Pittsburgh at heart, you know,” she said. “We won’t give up on our home team.”

There’s an old baseball adage that the team that’s in first place on the Fourth of July will win the league’s pennant and be in the World Series. Does that mean the team that’s first overall will win the World Series?

Justin Dutcher of Cheswick has the answer.

“I believe that’s absolutely true,” he said. “And I believe the Pirates will be in the World Series and win it.”

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