By Ross Guidotti

CANONSBURG (KDKA) – The annual Fourth Of July parade is Canonsburg always draws thousands of spectators and this year was no exception.

With more than a half a century of history behind it the Canonsburg Fourth of July Parade, this year’s event stepped off with all the red, white and blue glory that’s made it great.

To understand this parade you first half understand its a lot more than a parade.. It’s a community reunion of sorts.

“We pretty much know everybody. So it’s like you walk through, you know everybody and everybody in the parade. It’s your friends, your family, your kids,” one woman said.

There was a big controversy of sorts as people were only able to reserve space with their chairs 48 hours before the start of the parade.

However, there was more than enough space available and the weather cooperated.

“I see the sun’s coming out. It’s nice,” one woman said.

Now everybody’s got a favorite part but the consensus favorite from our unscientific poll is:

“I enjoy the bands,” one woman said.

“The different bands that come because I used to march in the parade,” another woman said.

But, in the end, the star of this show is our nation.

Happy Birthday America, 237 years never looked so good.


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