PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Sunday around 1 a.m., a motorist thought he could get away with hitting a parked car on Main Street in Munhall and keep moving.

Little did he know, he was being watched.

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And the camera is just one of 12 on Main Street. In all, Munhall has a total of 45.

“Forty-five cameras is just crazy,” said Chris Morrow of West Mifflin. “I mean Munhall is not even that bad of an area, where you need 45 cameras.”

Call it crazy, or eyes wide open, it worked last Sunday.

“Through our investigation and posting on Facebook on our Munhall Crime Watch, the video was viewed by a resident of Munhall who thinks he was where the car was parked at that did the hitting,” said Munhall Acting Police Chief Joe Cibula.

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Officers went to the area, saw the wrecked car and matched it with pieces left behind at the scene.

“An arrest was made, summary offense so far,” Cibula said.

Cibula said the driver admitted to hitting the parked car – however, the driver’s name has not been released.

“I think it’s a good idea, it’s great,” said Josie Frankel who works in Munhall. “Obviously they caught that on film and they can put it on Facebook and find out who it is. Absolutely, I think it’s a good idea.”

So the next time you think you are getting away with something, think again – especially if you are in Munhall.

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