BRIDGEVILLE (KDKA) — From Bridgeville to Peters Township to Mount Lebanon and everywhere in between, the South Hills seemed like Mother Nature had it out for the region today.

“It’s been pretty scary all day,” said Jacob Mardis, of Mount Lebanon. “Weather’s been pretty bad, a lot of damage.”

While flooding and strong winds were the main issues during the pounding of storms this morning, it was widespread power outages that had people running to the store to pick up necessities like bread and milk after the second round this evening.

“These tree lines or something that caused a power outage, it’s pretty bad,” said Sri Muddasani, of Green Tree. “I have a 2-year-old son, so you lose the power, then you’re in trouble.”

Drivers had trouble getting through a heavily-flooded Banksville Road this morning. But some commuters got into the city before the downpour during morning rush hour.

“I got into town about 7:30 [a.m.], so I missed all the Banksville craziness,” said Mike Connelly, of Mount Lebanon.

But drivers had a bit of déjà vu when the road flooded again during the afternoon rush hour.

At the shopping center in Chartiers Valley, power on Washington Pike went out after 6 p.m.

Many businesses closed their doors, while others like the Taco Bell – who promised to be open late – waited it out to see when the lights would come back on.

Outside the Giant Eagle, power was resorted right before 9 p.m., and along with it, another kind of light from the skies – giant rainbow.

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