IRWIN (KDKA) — Carol Barnes won’t soon forget the storm that blew through this week. She was looking out the dining room window of her Irwin home Wednesday evening when her life flashed before her eyes.

“The tree came at me with such velocity, I really thought this was it,” she said.

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The 50-foot black walnut tree brought down power lines, crushed planters, the branches destroyed the couple’s porch and knocked shingles and a gutter from the roof.

Carol’s 73-year old husband, Bill, spent Friday afternoon trying to clear a path to the front door.

The now uprooted tree was planted on Irwin Park property that sits adjacent to the Barnes’ home.

“Our insurance company will only pay so much toward the removal and this is laying right across our yard right now,” said Carol.

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The Barnes are on fixed incomes and say the cost of cutting and hauling the tree could easily be more than $1,000. They want the borough to step in and clean up the mess that their tree has created.

“Super-duper frustrating because we moved here two years ago thinking Irwin was nice friendly place to live,” Carol said.

The Irwin manager has turned this in to the borough’s insurance company.

She says the Barnes’ insurance company will likely pay to have the tree removed and the borough’s insurance company will pay the deductible.

She says the Barnes will be made whole, but the process will take some time.

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