PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Summer is known for many things: baseball, fireworks and unfortunately, mosquitoes.

In today’s Angie’s List report, learn how to prevent mosquitoes from invading your summer plans.

Homeowner Jerry McVeigh lives on a wooded lot with both a pond and lake. He’s seen his fair share of mosquitoes, so he decided to hire a mosquito control company to treat his yard regularly.

“We tried everything: foggers, all the different coils. You name it, we tried it. And a lot of other people I’m sure understand this – we were so sensitive about strong chemicals because of what’s going on with the wildlife,” McVeigh said.

“Not only are mosquitoes a nuisance when you’re out trying to have a family barbecue, but they are also a health risk,” Angie Hicks from Angie’s List said.

Mosquitoes can transmit serious diseases including West Nile virus and malaria, and can expose dogs to heartworm. But, with a little maintenance and monitoring, you can gain the upper hand on mosquitoes.

“It only takes a soda bottle cap full of water to breed several hundred mosquitoes,” mosquito control contractor Ken Frost said.

Try to eliminate standing water by emptying bird baths, kiddie pools, flower pot saucers, and keeping gutters clear.

“If you tackled every effort you can as a homeowner you might need to hire a professional. Having someone come in you need to talk to them exactly about their experience in treating mosquitoes and then also ask what kind of chemicals and treatments they are going to use especially if you have children or pets,” Hicks said.

“We can go out now with the children and grandchildren and be out in the evening, walk around anywhere, go down to the lake and fish,” McVeigh said.

Several types of plants also act as a natural mosquito repellent. Mosquitoes also avoid catnip, lavender, marigolds, basil and peppermint.


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