PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — No matter the size or scope of the fire, firefighters cloaked in full gear must fight a dual battle.

“Arriving on the scene we had heavy fire and smoke, heavy smoke in the roof and fire in the back,” said Capt. James Staiman, of the Union Township VFD.

As the Union Township firefighters went to work knocking down the fire inside, medics set up shop for the second battle outside.

“The number one killer of firefighters is cardiac arrest not related to smoke or fire,” said David Didesiderio, of NOGA Ambulance.

This weather significantly increases that risk. So, as the firefighters emerge, the medics go to work.

“Make sure they are keeping cool when they are outside the fire, and making sure their breaks are long enough that they are healthy enough to go back in the fire,” said Didesiderio.

Thanks to those efforts there were no problems at the fire in Union Township today.

And problems are exactly what Verizon is trying to head off in the hot weather. That’s right Verizon. Did you know your cell phone is vulnerable in high heat?

“It can damage or cause some issues with your phone,” said Craig Laskowitz, of Verizon Wireless.

Sara Altland, of the South Side, knows firsthand her iPhone doesn’t like it hot.

“I took it into the sauna at the gym with me once, and I had an alert come up that said your iPhone is too hot, and it kind of shut me down for a few minutes,” said Altland.

While it’s not quite sauna-like outside, Verizon says it gets close in a car and that’s where they see most of the problems.

“If you’re out in your car driving around and just sitting there, if it’s directly in the sunlight, those are the things that can damage the phone or be really taxing on the battery,” said Laskowitz.

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