PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — State troopers and other law enforcement officers put their lives on the line during the 18-hour standoff in Latrobe that started Thursday evening and stretched in Friday afternoon.

One of those troopers, identified as Brian King, had a close brush with death in the shootout. He underwent surgery at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital and is now in stable condition.

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Trooper King is a veteran cop and a member of the Special Emergency Response Team.

He was one of the first to enter the home in Latrobe and immediately encountered gunfire from the suspect, 46-year-old Scott Murphy. Officials say Trooper King was likely saved by his protective helmet.

Immediately after the SERT Team stormed the house, gunfire could be heard. Trooper King was hit, but he was able to retreat with assistance from fellow troopers.

“He has some damage to an eye, and we’re hoping that they can figure out what’s going on,” said Trooper Robin Mungo, of Pennsylvania State Police. “We are anticipating a speedy recovery.”

Trooper King suffered an eye injury when a bullet shattered the ballistic shield on his helmet.

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“Our guys are equipped with the best equipment, and having that ballistic helmet on, definitely was a life saver,” said Trooper Mungo. “We’re glad that he had it.”

All police officers put their lives on the line every time they go on duty. But members of the special response team are extremely dedicated cops. They get called when there’s serious trouble.

“They’re a different breed. They’re hardcore,” said Trooper Mungo. “We’re glad that we have them in our corners. Because we know that when times get difficult, we can call on them and they’re there in a minute. And they handle the situation. And they did that today.”

Trooper King is married and has children. He’s been a state trooper for 15 years and is stationed in Belle Vernon. He remains in stable condition.

His family is at his side and he could be in the hospital for several days.

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Suspect Dead, SWAT Officer Shot During 18-Hour Latrobe Standoff (7/18/13)
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