DELMONT (KDKA) — A Delmont man has won his fight to keep his beloved ducks.

James Kistler is the proud owner of four Blue Swedish ducks, named Larry, Mo, Curly and Fred.

Kistler recently got a notice from the Borough of Delmont telling him that having ducks is a violation of a zoning ordinance that forbids residents from keeping poultry.

He took his fight to the board Monday night and won.

“We’re absolutely delighted. We feel the board made the right decision,” said Kistler. “I’d really like to thank the people of Delmont, all their signatures, and all the people across the U.S. – emails and texted us. Thank you very much.”

The decision came down to what is defined as “poultry” and what is a “pet.”

The ordinance passed in 1991 restricting residents from keeping certain animals.

Delmont Man Fighting To Keep Pet Ducks (7/1/13)
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