PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A second man who claims he was molested by former Pittsburgh School Police officer Robert Lellock took the stand Wednesday morning.

The prosecution wrapped up its case against Robert Lellock with the young men who were just middle school teenagers in 1998 and 1999.

All had similar stories about their encounters with the former school policeman who is accused of taking them from class at Arthur J. Rooney Middle School in Brighton Heights.

Alleged victim No. 2, now 30-years-old, says Lellock not only made advances when he picked him up on the way to school in his cruiser, but molested him in a school closet.

“He pulled me from class, and grabbed and squeezed, and told me if I didn’t stop being bad, he was going to rip it off,” the alleged victim said on the stand. “Other times, he tried to take my clothes off and tried to unbuckle my pants. I was told not to say anything ‘cause I’d get in trouble. I was ashamed to tell anybody.”

Former principal Ronald Zangaro testified he found Lellock with a student, who is now deceased, and reported it to the school board.

“During my rounds, I heard what sounded like a student’s voice in an equipment room,” Zangaro said. “I pushed the door open. I asked them what they were doing. Each said, ‘We were just wrestling.'”

It turns out Lellock wrote an explanation of that incident to the school district, explaining that a student challenged him, saying he could take him. So, Lellock took him to a supply room and told the student to make the first move. The student said he was just joking, according to Lellock.

Lellock wrote in the letter: “I turned to walk out of the room and he grabbed me from behind and wrestled me to the floor. Mr. Zangaro walked in as we were getting up.”

Alleged victim No. 3 testified: “He put me against the wall and started searching me, then grabbed (my genitals). I said, ‘Oh, what are you doing?’ I knew it wasn’t normal.”

Prosecutor: “Was it a search or something sexual?”

Alleged Victim No. 3: “It was sexual. I’ve been searched plenty of times and it was nothing like that.”

By the end of the day, the prosecution rested its case. In all, four alleged victims testified for the prosecution.

The defense begins Thursday.


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