PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Shortly after Dr. Autumn Klein died, investigators knew it was due to cyanide poisoning. The question is, why.

“Most of these deaths are suicides,” said Allegheny County Medical Examiner Dr. Karl Williams.

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But, according to the affidavit, Klein had no access to cyanide; and in fact, had been making long-term plans, including a trip to Boston in May.

Instead of suicide, the affidavit ascribes a motive to her husband, Dr. Robert Ferrante.

Klein had told at least one witness she planned to divorce Ferrante, and that he had three times accused her of having an affair.

It goes on to say that two days before the poisoning, it was Ferrante who ordered cyanide at his lab, even though he had no experiments involving cyanide.

The affidavit also talks about the energy drink, Creatine. Ferrente was observed mixing it in the lab. Also, on the day of the poisoning, he texted his wife at home advising her to drink some.

Dr. Klein: “I have an aura. According to my calendar I ovulate tomorrow.”

Dr. Ferrante: “Perfect timing. Creatine :0)”

Dr. Klein: “Right”

Dr. Ferrante: “I’m serious. It will make a huge difference. I certain of it”.

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Dr. Klein: “I’m sure I hope so Mild Ha right now”.

Dr. Ferrante: “Creatine will take care of that as well :0)”.

Dr. Klein: “Will it stimulate egg production too?”

Dr. Ferrente: “:0)”

When paramedics later found Klein unresponsive on the floor, they noted a one gallon releasable bag on the counter and an empty glass on the counter.

The affidavit states: “Ferrante told paramedics the bag contained the substance Creatine. Paramedics did not ask, and Ferrante did not elaborate what was in the glass.”

“The death certificate lists the cause of death as acute cyanide toxicity and the manner of death as homicide,” said Dr. Williams.

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